[ Who’s behind it? ]

Susan Bee Walker, entrepreneur and owner of Susan Bee Goods, LLC, a product development company; stay-at-home mom for 13 years to 3 boys before ‘idea’; graphic designer by trade, inventor by observation, and entrepreneur by hard work.

Bee was given to me at birth– named after my über stylish grandmother from Chicago. I might be more casual here in Atlanta, but everyday, I don’t  leave the house without lipstick, earrings, and… of course, my iPhone. Moving along, birthing, raising and organizing kids, and devoted to my iPhone to keep it all going, I love creating, designing, and suggesting ways of improving billboards while at a stop light.

Fall 2010, juggling phone, keys, and lip balm one chilly wet day on a soccer field, a muddy drop steered me in the direction of thinking, “There’s gotta be a stylish way to protect my phone from drops without bringing a clunky purse and avoiding “phone butt” in a cute pair of jeans.”  I started altering accessories to fit my own needs.  Serendipitously, my husband said, “You do realize that is how new products are born? If you have a problem, chances are other people share the same problem.” In between carpooling and casseroles, I hadn’t thought of that. Thousands of hours of research and development (using Google and friends for advice), making my own prototype (taught self to use a sewing machine from barely knowing how to sew on a button), writing and illustrating my first patent (tweaked and filed thru lawyer though!), and catching on to the ‘trade talk’ in manufacturing so I could arrive with a top-quality finished product… My new Peepsnake® brand launched the iPhone Scarf in Fall 2012.  This blog is about sharing what I learn, and observe, as I balance on my momtrepreneurial path.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit,

~Susan Bee


2 Comments on “[ Who’s behind it? ]”

  1. Bill Bear says:

    Well I for one am impressed and oh so curious. Glad to see the better half is a lot prettier than and now just as smart as the old man. I can’t wait to see what the Peepsnake looks like. The whole world needs some where to put their I-Phone without using that geeky belt attachment. Please figure out how to comfortably carry your prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses too. You can call it the boll weevil! Best of luck…..Bill Bear

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